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A Time of Doorways by KaiIzumi A Time of Doorways :iconkaiizumi:KaiIzumi 0 0 A Day without Indifference by KaiIzumi A Day without Indifference :iconkaiizumi:KaiIzumi 3 1
Death's Cry Chapter 1
A man wearing a duster, jeans, and a cowboy hat came from out of an alley dusting off his coat and jeans. He stretched a bit and looked around seeing the streets around him empty and dark except for the bright neon signs hanging in store windows. He sighed as he started walking towards a bar at the bottom of a set of stairs. He stopped at the door at the bottom of the stairs and knocked on it.
A slit near the top of the door opened revealing a pair of eyes glaring slightly at the man. "Password?" he asked in a gruff voice.
The man held his hat down as he answered "The three-legged man".
The pair of eyes glared still as the slit closed as the door opened and the man standing behind the door motioned for him to come in.
He nodded and walked through quickly as he heard the door close behind him and walked down to the far end of the bar and sat down. He turned his head to see his surroundings and noticed the two tables with men playing cards and drinking. He turned back to see that the bar
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I got bored... by KaiIzumi I got bored... :iconkaiizumi:KaiIzumi 10 11 Happy Birthday Cara :3 by KaiIzumi Happy Birthday Cara :3 :iconkaiizumi:KaiIzumi 0 2 The Shendi's enjoying the day by KaiIzumi The Shendi's enjoying the day :iconkaiizumi:KaiIzumi 0 0 What is soon to come by KaiIzumi What is soon to come :iconkaiizumi:KaiIzumi 0 0 Happy Birthday MizoreChan by KaiIzumi Happy Birthday MizoreChan :iconkaiizumi:KaiIzumi 4 9 Behold Traintron MK II by KaiIzumi Behold Traintron MK II :iconkaiizumi:KaiIzumi 0 0 Traintron by KaiIzumi Traintron :iconkaiizumi:KaiIzumi 0 0
It's just one of those days
Scott Fields, the local town nature's man, was walking down his usual dirt path in the forest that led back to the main road when the rumbling of thunder was slowly approaching. "Great," he said sighing "I'm not going to make it back home before that storm comes". He broke out into a brisk jog out of the woods and on to the rough gravel surface of the road that led back to his hometown of Blakely.
He looked up at the graying clouds as he started to see the falling drops of rain hit his face. He sighed and started to wish he had brought his truck with him this time. He didn't like taking his truck outside of town just to get to the dirt path for his long hikes.
He searched the road for some form of shelter till the rain stopped. As he jogged to the side of the road he saw a large house. He remembered about some of his friends in town talking about the owner of that home. He had just finished building it about three months ago and allowed others to visit him. To everyone that visited he
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Things that randomly pop out of my head (mainly stories with the occasional Gmod picture... maybe -sniff- maybe)


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The Frozen Pyro
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Well thanks to :iconririki:'s Fandub of the first meeting with Hanako I decided to download the game and I've played it for about a week now and finally finished with everyone's good endings.

First off, this VN is an amazing thing to read. The characters can be relateable, loveable, and you feel satisfied with their good endings. Secondly, yes there are sexual scenes, but it's A LOT of work to go through if you haven't gotten to their stories (after you complete their story you can always go to the library and play through those scenes again) plus you can disable these said scenes. I will try to avoid any major spoilers as best as I can, because this is best when you read it yourself.

Now, with each story I love each one in their own way and each (to me) have their own message that relates to that girl. With Hanako and Lily I was at the brink of crying near the end of each one because I really thought it was going to take a bad turn or I had screwed up somehow... but when their good endings came I smiled and cheered to myself (especially Lily's I was just excited as could be at the very end, but more on that later on) With Shizune I felt it was a cute relationship between the two and I really liked how they broke the language barrier between the two. With Emi and Rin I felt like they were the two cutests endings even though Rin's really did not seem like it until the very end. Emi was very cute in the way that she was one that wouldn't give up even when certain events happen.

Now for other thoughts I can answer those in comments but this what I can describe in a nutshell of each girl beyond what the bios say:

Emi- Cutest ending
Rin- Nice turn around for Hisao
Shizune- Best facial expressions EVER
Lily- Best ending and greatest payoff
Hanako- The most heartlifting



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